[opensource-dev] Two Worlds

Stickman stickman at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 14:13:52 PDT 2010

On Sun, Apr 11, 2010 at 12:00 PM,  <aklo at skyhighway.com> wrote:
> Hey Y'all, maybe i had an idea...

Ideas are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

> There's been a lotta "comment" on the new viewer 2.0 look 'n feel stuff.
> What if there were two modes to the viewer?

As I understand it, one of the reasons Viewer 2.0 is a complete UI
redesign is that the old one was a pain to maintain. The new one is
designed to be more easily maintained. Someone feel free to shout if
I'm wrong.

Some have requested the 1.23 viewer be kept as an option (I think Maya
was the voice on that), kinda like how it was done with the whole
Dazzle freakout. Done like that, having "two modes" would defeat the
above purpose. So it depends on what you mean, exactly.

My idea of "two modes" I've been telling people about is the
"consumer" versus the "creator." But I have no metrics -- I can't say,
"20% of the people use these attributes of the viewer daily, while 80%
never touch them" and then make them invisible unless you click on the
Bob the Builder button.

> Like, i'll be straight up and say that for me, i like a lot about viewer
> 2.0!  But, i so totally *hate* that sidebar bashing into me like someone

[removed 2.0 feedback so this thread doesn't get corrupted by it.]

I should probably put up some Jiras about how I think it should be
done, but there's so many people saying different things, and I'm busy
trying to graduate by the end of the month, so LL's gonna have to
proceed without my "official" feedback. I'm sure they're heartbroken
about it.

> windows i can't see through anymore!

Nyx Linden said there was an xml file you could edit to fix this. I
don't remember getting the details on it, though. Anyone know how to
do this?

> selection i could make to go back and forth from "RP Mode" or "VW Mode"
> with immersion optimised to  "Professional Mode" or "Utility Mode" where
> the VW was more like just another screen or window that had something
> interesting going on in it?  A third mode might even be something sorta
> halfway in between & made really simple with lots of help for noobs so the
> learning curve wasn't so steep, perilous, or confusing.  :-P

Something like a preferences page where you could turn off certain
interface elements, with a few presets as default?

> pls, pretty pls don't drag the TPVP argument into it?  'K?  i



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