[opensource-dev] Mutli-layer images (RFC)

Robert Martin robertltux at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 20:43:58 PDT 2010

With all this talk over changing how clothes work i was thinking
Why don't we code for Multi-layer images? Leave the clothing layers as
numbered but include support for having multiple layers in a texture.

an example of how it could work (and yes it would be very complicated
so we may need to target 2.4 or so)
allow for a total of 6 layers numbered 0-5 and expose to the inworld
editor numbering from 1 (layer 0 would be a special use layer)
as an example a shirt
layer 5 a slogan or other image
layer 4 a somewhat cleaner image
layer 3 long sleeves
layer 2 short sleeves
layer 1 the base shirt
layer 0 uploaders copyright data and labels for the upper layers (with
age ratings)

in the in-world editor allow for folks to turn off any of layers 5 4
or 3 (assumes that the avatar is set for adult access)


1 this would allow for a huge number of new products
2 the control layer could be used to add in a needed flag for "Full
perms does/does not mean export to other grids"
3 this would enable folks a to have a simple way to "watermark" textures


1 this would require both changes to the server and the client
2 how many layers should we have??
3 fall back to "legacy" clients
4 encoding for the control layer (or is this even a sane approach??)

Robert L Martin

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