[opensource-dev] Two Worlds

Dzonatas Sol dzonatas at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 09:52:27 PDT 2010

aklo at skyhighway.com wrote:
> For the Big Picture SL presentation i can see something like all the SL
> windows, including all the chat, inventory, group, etc - everything (even
> HUDs?), being just windows for the OS with the VW its own window that
> maybe is maximized and maybe isn't.  In maximized mode the VW window could
> have the ability to "draw in" or spawn inside without "leaving" the VW any
> or all of the windows for chat, inventory, etc in their floaty, sometimes
> transparent mode like the Terminator's heads up display that so many like
> so well!  Y'know, the best of all worlds?

Do you mean something like an interface that allows us to do this:


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