[opensource-dev] Accepting the INTENT but not accepting the TPV

Martin Spernau martin at traumwind.de
Mon Apr 12 13:15:08 PDT 2010

As much as I dislike(d) the ongoing discussion about the TPVP, I DO  
love this suggestion
Laughter (and sillyness) is alwa the best answer to any problem -  
thanks for suggesting this

Am 12.04.2010 um 21:41 schrieb Morgaine:

> A few people have made the rather extraordinary suggestion that the  
> TPV is "OK" because the intent is good, no matter how dreadful its  
> wording.  They ignore the fact that what matters in court is the  
> actual wording.  It is the words that a user must agree to, not the  
> intent.
> Faced with the silliness of "intent" as a mitigating factor, perhaps  
> what is needed is an equally silly response:
> Let's write a new document that expresses the intent of LL's TPV,  
> but written cleanly and without any overreaching clauses.  Let's  
> call that new document the TPV Intended Policy Document, or IPD for  
> short.
> Modify the GPL viewer (which you have a license to do without  
> further restrictions, a freedom that was granted to you by LL) in  
> such a way that, on detecting the incoming Linden TPV Policy  
> document, it presents you with the IPD instead.  Click on the Agree  
> button if you agree with the intent of the TPV, and TAKE A SCREEN  
> SHOT OF IT, just in case.
> Go back to doing something useful with your time.
> I hope we don't need to descend to this level of comedy.  The TPV  
> should state what is intended, not something totally different.
> I recommend that we use tomorrow's meeting with Joe to affirm this.
> Morgaine.
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