[opensource-dev] Viewers in the directory are being impersonated already

Dale Glass dale at daleglass.net
Mon Apr 12 14:07:16 PDT 2010

В сообщении от Вторник 13 апреля 2010 00:52:48 вы написали:
> There's still other facets.  For example, the approved viewers get some
> publicity and reputation by being on the approved viewers page, and it
>  makes people think that much harder about using sketchy viewers to do
>  sketchy things.  (And yeah, they have to do one extra sketchy thing, as
>  Thomas mentions.)
I don't think it makes a big difference. 

I'm talking about a group with a "FOR THE LULZ!" motto. I don't think they 
care much about keeping any account of theirs for very long.

> (As an aside, connecting from the same account and/or same IP with random
> MACs seems pretty obviously strange and detectable.  There's a few more
> hoops left to jump through there.)
That will take some work though. At my house there are 5 computers that could 
run a SL client, that's 5 MACs, all behind the same NATed IP address. Schools, 
workplaces, cafes, etc could have hundreds of legitimate ones.

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