[opensource-dev] Viewers in the directory are being impersonated already

Erik Anderson erikba at odysseus.anderson.name
Tue Apr 13 11:06:42 PDT 2010

I've heard Linden Labs make this exact same argument multiple times in the
past in response to resident reaction over this, so I'm fairly sure that
they are very fully aware of this fact.

2010/4/13 Ron Festa <overdrive at dceo.rutgers.edu>

> Whether or not these tools are long term effective is irrelevant. The fact
> these tools exist is simply the point Dale was trying to make. The whole
> TPVP is a "Feel Good" Policy to delude residents into believing Linden Lab
> can prevent the criminal element from having the tools to grief or violate
> IP/CopyRight and keep them out. Despite the fact copybot and proxy hacks
> like God Mode have been around longer then the OS viewer, many residents
> blame the OS viewer for making such acts possible which all of us old timers
> who paid attention and all of us OS developers/contributors know isn't the
> case. As Real Life has proven over and over again, no Law or Policy will
> prevent criminals from obtaining the tools they need to commit crime and
> only hurt legitimate residents in the end.
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