[opensource-dev] impending lawsuit?

Lance Corrimal Lance.Corrimal at eregion.de
Wed Apr 14 01:28:55 PDT 2010

Hey all,

just got this notecard inworld:


You are reading this because you were listed in a lawsuit by Belial Foulsbane 
and Scarlett Vielle.   
Somehow you are a victim of his False DMCA claims, and his ongoing effort to 
manipulate LL into killing off his competition for the "Emerald Speed Rez".

If you would like to join the defendants against this paperwork-greifer in a 
counter lawsuit please contact me with your SL name and anything else at 
primeinx at gmail.com

Do not be scared
1)  Scarlett Vielle claimed that they automaticly had a protected copyright 
from the moment they made anything.
(The US copyright office is not aware of every creation in SL, does not issue 
free copyrights, and does not issue anything without a proper filing)

2)  There is no copyright registered in the united states:

3)  Linden Labs cannot be sued.  Yet he filed against them.

4) The judges signature on his legal papers he faxed to LL is blank.

5)  He cannot copyright the word "Emerald" for the same reason he cannot 
copyright the word "SecondLife" or "Microsoft".

He is a paperwork bully filing false DMCA claims as you know.

If you have any ideas to stop this madman, do please share them.
Lets create a group and fight him off shall we?


... is that guy out of his mind?

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