[opensource-dev] Requesting Linden Response: Please move TPVP Topics to a different mailing list

Lance Corrimal Lance.Corrimal at eregion.de
Thu Apr 15 07:09:19 PDT 2010

Am Mittwoch, 14. April 2010 20:49:59 schrieb Joe Linden:

> **we've had a lot of internal debate around cost/benefit of OS **... and
> we're fully committed to redoubling our commitment to make this a
> successful program*." 

then... how about... opensourcing the SERVER (like someone pretty high up 
suggested several years ago)?

and there's no reason to be afraid that giving away the other half of the 
software would cause you longtime harm anyways...

...after all, the grid is more than server & client. the grid also is all 
those boxes that it is running on... no way that a competitior could pull 
10000 PCs out of a hat on short notice.

on the other hand, I would like to bet actual money on the following 

- 48 hours after the server code is out in the open, the 25 groups limit has 
been lifted, AND the whole IM/group chat subsystem has been migrated to XMPP 
(including voice via XMPP); another day and there's the possibility to connect 
to jabber.sl.net with any xmpp client, AND talk to friends at any jabber 

- 72 hours after the server code is out in the open, SVC-472 is fixed

- a few weeks later, all communications between client and server, and the 
various server subsystems, has been ported to tcp/ssl and is transaction safe.

imagine the possibilities.


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