[opensource-dev] Requesting Linden Response: Please move TPVPTopics to a different mailing list

VR Hacks vrhacks at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 13:19:19 PDT 2010

Tigro Spottystripes

> Why developers for other grids would need to do any changes on their
> code? And why can't a SL resident develop clients for other grids while
> keeping their SL accounts safe without being forced to jump thru hoops?

For argument's sake, let's say I, as an SL user, choose to extend the linden 
lab viewer code base to access, say, reaction grid. Let's also say that I do 
wish to agree to the TPV policy for my code. In other words, say, I want to 
include functionality that is allowable on that grid but not allowable on 
the SL grid. It is then my "responsibility" to create my viewer such that 
the option for connecting to the SL grid is not available without some sort 
of code change. At which point I can deploy my code.

Of course, I still plan to access the second life grid. In order to do so, I 
cannot use my viewer. Rather, I must use a viewer that was developed by 
someone who agreed to the TPV policy (as put forth in the new ToS). In other 
words, as long as I am using a viewer that adheres to the TPV policy, all is 
well. And I can cavort in SL to my heart's content.

This, of course, raises an interesting scenario. If I have coded a client 
that, say, ignores the lab's import/export requirements, and I have chosen 
to exclude SL grid access, yet, Joe Developer comes along and chooses to use 
my code base, and add in SL grid access, then the onus is upon Joe Developer 
to change the import/export feature to meet the TPV policy guidelines if he 
wants his viewer to connect to the grid. Or, he can take his chances. 
Nonetheless, since Joe Developer is the one who changed the code to connect 
to the grid, the policy applies to him., not to you. And therefore it is his 
responsibility to ensure his code adheres to the TPV policy.

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