[opensource-dev] Requesting Linden Response: Please move TPVPTopics to a different mailing list

Anders Arnholm Anders at Arnholm.se
Thu Apr 15 23:02:39 PDT 2010

Joel Foner wrote:
> I wonder if anyone has an easy way to calculate the actual signal 
> (os-dev posts) to noise (legal posts) ratio on this list over, let's 
> say the last 30 days. It's getting hard to recall when the last actual 
> os-dev discussion happened. Maybe I'm just missing it. 
The legal issues, what you are allowed to write is IMHO as impoartant as 
the how to write stuff. Escially if the you are allowed to write stuff 
is in question. The TPV police is imho defiltly signal on the deveopler 

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