[opensource-dev] Requesting Linden Response: Please move TPVP Topics to a different mailing list

Dale Glass dale at daleglass.net
Fri Apr 16 09:20:21 PDT 2010

On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 04:09:19PM +0200, Lance Corrimal wrote:
> - 48 hours after the server code is out in the open, the 25 groups limit has 
> been lifted, AND the whole IM/group chat subsystem has been migrated to XMPP 
> (including voice via XMPP); another day and there's the possibility to connect 
> to jabber.sl.net with any xmpp client, AND talk to friends at any jabber 
> service.
Very likely, but it doesn't necessarily work for SL.

IIRC, the main issue with the group limit and IM is scaling. There can be 70K
people online. Suppose you bump the groups limit to 100, and those 70K people
end up belonging to 50 groups on average. Now you've double IM load, and if
you remember the days where most group chat sessions failed, it's probably a 
quite heavy loaded system.

Jabber would have the same issue: how to handle 70K people, many with multiple
conversations and conferences. A small jabber server is easy, but supporting
70K logged in accounts is a serious undertaking.

Of course none of this would be an issue for a third party grid with 50
concurrent users.

> - 72 hours after the server code is out in the open, SVC-472 is fixed
Region crossing is complicated in SL. OpenSim doesn't seem to do a lot better.

If you'd be willing to improve it there, I'm sure many people would love it.

But I agree, cool things could happen as a result :-)

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