[opensource-dev] [PATCH] Review request for SNOW-575, SNOW-571 and SNOW-573

Aimee Walton aimee at lindenlab.com
Mon Apr 19 05:55:15 PDT 2010


I could use some patch reviews from a Snowglobe committer for these three issues.

SNOW-575  Menu item to hide object selection outlines for 2.0

This reimplements VWR-6918 (SNOW-78) the "2.0 way" (it's now much cleaner and easier to add little things like this than it was when I did the original).

The other two are a couple of Mac specific deprecation fixes, when building against the OS X 10.6 SDK:

SNOW-571 Replacing another deprecated WaitNextEvent() for the OS X 10.6 SDK

SNOW-573 Deprecated methods for getting and setting the system audio mute prevent building with the OS X 10.6 SDK

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