[opensource-dev] ParcelAccessListReply packets have no reliable end of list indication?

Dale Glass dale at daleglass.net
Wed Apr 21 14:06:49 PDT 2010

В сообщении от Понедельник 19 апреля 2010 22:46:53 автор Joshua Bell написал:
> I took a peek at the sim code that issues ParcelAccessListReply and
> your analysis appears to be correct; there's a special case for
> sending a null entry if there are no entries at all, otherwise the
> data is just sent in as many packets as necessary, with no termination
> indicator.

In that case, I consider this behavior to be a bug, so I created one on jira:

As I explain in the bug entry, this issue can be fixed in a backwards 
compatible and elegant manner, by always terminating the list with a null 
entry, and not just when it's empty.

Fixing this would avoid data loss (once the viewer is updated to take 
advantage of this), and make things much easier for other clients. 

For instance I have a bot that cleans up ban lists ocassionally by removing 
deleted accounts, since in this area the number of bans manages to get quite 
close to the limit. Losing half the entries during what is a routine 
maintenance operation wouldn't be good.

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