[opensource-dev] OpenLSL Invitation

Jonathan Irvin djfoxyslpr at gmail.com
Wed Apr 21 05:08:46 PDT 2010

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to, again, extend the invitation to
http://openlsl.stackexchange.com/.  This is a Q&A site for all LSL
developers new and old, beginner and experienced to ask questions and answer
them regarding LSL scripting techniques, technologies, and the like.

Membership is free and will remain so indefinitely.  I welcome all people
who are experienced LSL developers or people just getting started.  The main
thing we need is participation at this point.

The site is in bootstrap mode meaning that new users will have permissions
they normally would not in a production site so it gives you more freedom to
help build up the site.

Here's the link to check the status of our progress.

I'd also like any of the OpenSource Dev folks to post your questions on the
OpenLSL site as well.  I may end up moving towards a general Second Life Q&A
site, but hitting up the LSL folks for now.

Jonathan Irvin

P.S.  I'm not meaning to spam.  Being a long-time user of SL and a LSL dev.
I've felt this format of website is needed for all us geeks.
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