[opensource-dev] texture problem on avatars

tillie at xp2.de tillie at xp2.de
Thu Apr 22 04:30:08 PDT 2010

Jacek Antonelli <jacek.antonelli at gmail.com> wrote ..

> We have been seeing exactly the same thing with Imprudence 1.3
> recently (which is based on SL 1.23 with some Snowglobe mixed in),
> also when connected to OpenSim. I'm not sure why it only seems to
> occur on OpenSim, but I can confirm that it's related to the change in
> texture channels, as Nyx said. We'll be working on this issue soon; if
> we find a fix, we'll be sure to share it.


I have seen it with latest public Emerald client too, but when connecting to the SL main grid. I have at least 1 texture on my sim where for which it occurs reproducable. I can show you, if you want to see. It's an animated alpha texture on a sculpted waterfall.


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