[opensource-dev] getLastOwner() information for inventory items

Boy Lane boy.lane at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 25 19:02:55 PDT 2010


We know that for objects/prims information about the last owner is stored and can be pulled from the database. Several viewers implement that as a useful feature to e.g. trace the origin of dubious in the copybot age.

I've tried to access the Last Owner information for inventory items that can not be rezzed, like a notecard. Unfortunately that did not lead to any success so far.

Looking into the code it appears that a corresponding function does exist, but not work.

llfloaterproperties.cpp should be able to spit out that last owner with that line:

gCacheName->getFullName(perm.getLastOwner(), last_owner_name);
That's defined in llpermissions.h and works similarly for the owner and group etc.

// return the agent_id of the last agent owner. Only returns
// LLUUID::null if there has never been a previous owner.
const LLUUID&    getLastOwner()         const    { return mLastOwner; }
For last owner it only returns (nobody), meaning empty.

So my question before eventually trying to dig deeper into this. Does the LastOwner info exist in the inventory database for any other items than objects? Or is that getLastOwner() function itself broken? 


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