[opensource-dev] getLastOwner() information for inventory items

Thomas Shikami thomas.shikami at online.de
Mon Apr 26 02:14:00 PDT 2010

Boy Lane wrote:
> So my question before eventually trying to dig deeper into this. Does 
> the LastOwner info exist in the inventory database for any other items 
> than objects? Or is that getLastOwner() function itself broken? 

LastOwner information is only used, when deeding to group. So it's 
likely you'll only see lastowner info in task inventory of prims. The 
lastowner info on rezzed prims is a bug, that is used as feature to see, 
who had taken those prims into inventory last time. The original use of 
lastowner info was to display, who owned the object before it was deeded 
to group, so the sim knows where to return group owned objects to.

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