[opensource-dev] Thank you for updating the Viewer Directory requirements

Bryon Ruxton bryon at slearth.com
Wed Apr 28 16:16:37 PDT 2010

> So, registering to the directory is clearly not a requirement to be
as TPV-policy compliant, but on the other hand LL suggests that
the viewers
which are not in the directory are "dangerous" ones...
This is both unfair and
very close to pure diffamation.
The viewer is required to comply, just make your viewer comply and don't
register in the directory. If they are to prevent any viewer that does not
comply with the TPV  to connect to the grid I am glad for it.

And I agree with you in substance with your privacy claims, but you have to
live in the real world and you have to abide by California law here. You own
interpretation of French law is irrelevant. Yes LL has a wishy-washy policy
designed not to accept any responsibility for anything. Guess what! So does
Google and every hosting company on the planet, I have the same type of
clauses as a business and doing otherwise would stupid and putting my
company and myself at risk.

If you are not willing to trust anyone with your basic information, you may
want to start building your own personal datacenter Henri.
You ARE trusting free.fr and Paypal with even more sensitive data btw...

What should I or anyone trust using your viewer if there is so much to hide
and unwillingness to provide a real name and a simple physical address.

If I applied your own standards of trust, I am afraid I see no way for me to
even consider using your viewer for my own protection. Just think about it.

On 4/28/10 2:57 PM, "Henri Beauchamp" <sldev at free.fr> wrote:

> Sorry, but as far as I'm concerned, I won't take the risk and won't trust
> (or any other company on Internet, even French ones) about being able
to keep
> my data safe from prying eyes...

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