[opensource-dev] Thank you for updating the Viewer Directory requirements

Henri Beauchamp sldev at free.fr
Thu Apr 29 00:45:19 PDT 2010

On Wed, 28 Apr 2010 16:16:37 -0700, Bryon Ruxton wrote:

> Henri,
> The viewer is required to comply, just make your viewer comply and don't
> register in the directory. If they are to prevent any viewer that does not
> comply with the TPV  to connect to the grid I am glad for it.

And that's what I did, but given LL's bad wording in the TPV directory,
some users are concerned that they could eventually get banned for using
a viewer not listed in this directory...

> And I agree with you in substance with your privacy claims, but you have to
> live in the real world and you have to abide by California law here.

LL makes me pay the VAT, and this because they say they have to comply
with French and EU Laws... I don't see why they won't have to comply with
the same Laws regarding privacy.

Another example ? LL had to take down all ganbling activity in SL to
conform to Laws of many countries... Californian Laws cannot be used
by LL to shield themselves from other, international laws, or at least
not from Laws used in democratic countries.

Also, I'm bound to comply with my country's Law when connecting to SL,
which is normal since I connect from France, but I don't see why I won't
be protected under the same Law as well !

> You own interpretation of French law is irrelevant.

Not less relevant than LL's... This would have to be decided in a Court,
but certainly not on this forum.

> Yes LL has a wishy-washy policy designed not to accept any responsibility
> for anything. Guess what! So does Google and every hosting company on the
> planet, I have the same type of clauses as a business and doing otherwise
> would stupid and putting my company and myself at risk.

I don't see the relation between LL's responsibility and the private data
they require for being listed in the TPV directory: following their own
terms, they decline any responsibility about this directory and the listed
viewers anyway...

> If you are not willing to trust anyone with your basic information, you
> may want to start building your own personal datacenter Henri.
> You ARE trusting free.fr and Paypal with even more sensitive data btw...
> What should I or anyone trust using your viewer if there is so much to hide
> and unwillingness to provide a real name and a simple physical address.

I'm afraid you don't understand what the actual problem is: it's not
about not wanting to disclose my private data at all (and I don't care
if my real life name and address are published somewhere on Internet),
it's about not having it associated with a legal but exteremely kinky
activity I pursue undercover of anonymity.
Avatars in SL allow you to stay anonymous, and many of us are using them
to role-play their wildest fantasies. I do not see why I would have to
put my real life at risk by giving any chance to see this anonymity
compromised in a game such as SL...

I will also remark that Paypal (and online banks services) have much
higher standards in computer secutity than LL. As for my ISP, it is
bound by the French Law Informatique et Liberté, and it's not something
taken lightly in France...

> If I applied your own standards of trust, I am afraid I see no way for
> me to even consider using your viewer for my own protection. Just think
> about it.

Do you know the actual snail mail address of all the Open Source developers
involved with, say, your browser ?... Do you know the the real names and
addresses of, say, Microsft developpers ?... Do you know the real names
and addresses of the Lindens ?...

Just think about it...  ;-P


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