[opensource-dev] Viewer blacklist to replace the TPV directory ?

Ron Festa overdrive at dceo.rutgers.edu
Thu Apr 29 11:27:01 PDT 2010

> This would be only true if LL was to *guarantee* that the listed viewer
> can *actually* be trusted, which is *not* the case with the current
> implementation of teh TPV directory.
The current TPV directory is a list of certified viewers. Despite claiming
the list is Self-Certified those viewers on the list still had to have their
viewer reviewed by LL before being listed so really all the TPV's on the TPV
Directory are Certified by LL ensuring they comply with their standards &
policies. As it stands the TPV Directory is one step away from becoming a
full blown White List.

> Not when the blacklist in question is edited by LL themselves: you then
> are sure that the listed viewers are illegal, which gives more reliable
> info than an unwarranted white list...

I think you missed Discrete's point. Many have interpreted the TPV Directory
as a true White List, which it's not, many will think that any viewer that
is *not* on the black list is then safe to use. So for example if Neil Life
is on the black list and SuperGriefer Viewer 1.33.7 is not there will be
folks who will think SuperGriefer Viewer 1.33.7 is safe to use despite it
being a malicious viewer.

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