[opensource-dev] Viewer blacklist to replace the TPV directory ?

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Despite claiming the list is Self-Certified those viewers on the list still
had to have their viewer reviewed by LL before being listed so really all
the TPV's on the TPV Directory are Certified by LL ensuring they comply with
their standards & policies.

- release a viewer that's the LL source + a handful of innocent patches
- apply for the directory and get listed
- release a new viewer
The last step doesn't invalidate the current listing as far as I know so I
really don't see how the viewer directory could possibly be stamped as
"reviewed by LL" by any stretch, let alone go as far as claiming that
they're "certified by LL" as compliant.
Since the reason for the directory is really end-user assurance the viewer
directory doesn't really work in that sense because it doesn't actually
offer much: LL still reserves the right to ban anyone just for using any
third party viewer (whether listed or unlisted).
With all the threatening (whether intended or not) language in blog posts or
emails a lot of people are going by the assumption that "listed" means "I
won't get banned" or that it means "approved/sanctioned/verified/vouched for
by LL" but that's just not the case. It would be a lot better for any
resident wanting to use any third party viewer to at least know that if they
go by the list that their account isn't in jeopardy (no matter how unlikely
a ban might be) for as long as that viewer is listed.
For better or worse the perception that the viewer directory is a "safelist"
is already there now, in spite of any disclaimers on that same page, and
it's too late to still reverse that. Personally it seems best if the
directory just officially became a "safelist". If a malicious viewer ever
makes the list then that wouldn't undermine people's trust in any other
listed viewer because LL would guarantee that any viewer they list is indeed
"safe" in the sense that noone can be banned for using it, even if they
accidentally list one that turns out to not comply (which can just simply be
delisted and blocked at that point to prevent continued use since it would
have its own channel or it shouldn't have ever made the list to begin with).
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