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Wed Apr 28 21:25:55 PDT 2010

uses heuristics, it banned that person for using a rare client, unless
i've misunderstood what was said there.

On 2/5/2010 19:01, Skills Hak wrote:
> Um, please don't confuse this incident with CDS which doesn't ban clients
> arbitrarily, this seems to be about a similar system of a more
> unscrupulous "competitor". There isn't even a copybot client with
> Snowglobe 2.0.0
> (3333) (CommunityDeveloper) as base we are aware of, so not sure why
> zFire Xue is banning it.
>> The below reviews have me raising eyebrows...
> The people with bad reviews are mostly copybotters who have been
> banned by the system and are coming up with crazy quicktime hack
> theories, Dekadance Mint isn't even in search any more.
> On Sun, May 2, 2010 at 8:51 PM, Tigro Spottystripes
> <tigrospottystripes at> wrote:
> according to Skill LL knows how the system works and has not taken any
> measures to prevent it, which indicates they are ok with it
> On 1/5/2010 18:50, Bryon Ruxton wrote:
>>>> Is that thing really exploiting a quicktime hack?
>>>> I.e. Trying to protect Computer Crimes Law by violating the very same laws.
>>>> If so, isn't that against the LL TOS and shouldn't it be taken down by LL?
>>>> The below reviews have me raising eyebrows...
>>>> 424&allReviews=1#reviews
>>>> "Sandrina Koolhoven on 2010-03-22
>>>> 27 of 71 members found this review helpful.
>>>> "THIS system is indeed using a hack through Quicktime that gains access to a
>>>> persons hard drive. This system has been torn down and looked at. Scanning
>>>> yours or my HDD is a clear violation of USA Privacy laws and only LL has a
>>>> right to know who your alts are, not the designer of this system."...
>>>> Dekadance Mint on 2010-03-17
>>>> 79 of 165 members found this review helpful.
>>>> "Easiest method to avoid detection by this device requires no compiling or
>>>> programming, just add "-noquicktime" into the short cut, and this device
>>>> can't detect you untill Skills finds a new method of detection. I say this
>>>> tidbit of info because the appeal process is atrocious and horrible from my
>>>> experience."
>>>> On 4/30/10 10:06 PM, "Tigro Spottystripes" <tigrospottystripes at>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Hash: SHA512
>>>>> there is Skill's CDS system
>>>>> On 1/5/2010 01:45, Andromeda Quonset wrote:
>>>>>> I went there.  I saw a "GC Continental" was on the ban list for both
>>>>>> of the sims.  That was the closest I could find to you.
>>>>>> I am not aware of there being any autobanners that ban by client that
>>>>>> any landowner or sim owner can use.  I don't know of any way to
>>>>>> detect via script or estate or land controls what client someone is even
>>>>>> using.
>>>>>> I do know there is maintenance going on, and regions being
>>>>>> restarted.  Perhaps you were simply caught in a sim restart.
>>>>>> At 09:49 PM 4/30/2010, Glen Canaday wrote:
>>>>>>> There are autobanners that ban by client, no? Full-sim, estate ban?
>>>>>>> I'm on Snowglobe 2 and just got banned from both The Loft and The Loft
>>>>>>> II; both are furniture store sims. Can someone TP there and test if they
>>>>>>> get banned? If someone is banning by presence on the TPV list, then snow
>>>>>>> needs to be on it rather than listed separately... (tho I could have
>>>>>>> sworn it WAS on it)...
>>>>>>> --GC
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