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Wed Apr 28 21:25:55 PDT 2010

can layer animations, set their weights.  You can sync the length of layers.
Cross fade animations.


You have materials like you do in Maya.


I can create custom shaders.


You can have spot lights, point lights and directional lights.


You can create your own skyboxes.


You can use water any where, not limited to just one plane with the water


I can use meshes.  Any object in the scene can have a skeleton.


I can edit meshes and vertices in real-time allowing me to create
parameterized content in real-time.


I can load assets from a URL or through websockets.


I can load textures from a URL or through websockets.


There is a profiler that lets me see in great detail what the engine is


I can use Visual Studio to develop my scripts with all the features of
Visual Studio.


I can run a debugger and debug the scripts and libraries I am using in the


I can do baked lighting including ambient occlusion inside the tool


I can do occlusion culling so I can have very large scenes.


I can control what assets are loading and stream the rest in the background.


I can use libraries of code.


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