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Wed Apr 28 21:25:55 PDT 2010

seen in 2.6, these fields aren't tagged with metadata in a way that would
make them easy and reliable to extract, or provided in a format separate
from the heavyweight presentation layer. Even if this data was tagged in
some way, I'm looking for assurances that it would be a protected, stable
interface, not likely to be broken by casual changes without warning.

Can anyone provide insight on this topic?


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I'm concerned that I haven't received a response. I've already =
asked this question a few times at office hours for Lindens involved in dev=
elopment, and now here. Even if the answer is "LL will not support a a=
 stable API to web services" at least it is some kind of answer. &quot=
;LL will continue to provide existing non-web APIs for this same data for t=
he indefinite future" may be an option as well, but I haven't hear=
d this either. "We're working on this, check back in a month"=
 is also an answer that would be welcomed over silence.<br>
<br>As a developer I&#39;m looking for a documentation, examples, and best =
practice methodology for how to customize the presentation of data LL provi=
des via web pages, such as web-based profiles. Specifically I&#39;m looking=
 for an interface to extract at a minimum:<br>
<br>- Profile text<br>- &quot;Real World&quot; text<br>- a user&#39;s enter=
ed web URL<br>- birthdate info<br>- payment status<br>- partner status &amp=
; partner<br>- &quot;picks&quot; data<br>- profile picture at its original =
- &quot;real world&quot; profile picture at its original resolution<br><br>=

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