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Wed Apr 28 21:25:55 PDT 2010

change in how the build process is being done for the lib. It is being done
in two stages now instead of one.

Stage One build 3p-hacd lib  found here >
Stage Two build llconvexdecomposition lib found here >
	This has to be done via the autobuild-stub.xml and importing the lib
from stage one.

I have Stage One successfully building for windows but this needs to be
fixed for Linux and Mac.
For Stage Two the LL provided stub file can be filed in for the currently
empty functions but the file name cannot be changed unless LL approves the
change, also if there is any source code that is making changes to HACD
directly that has to go into 3p-hacd and not into llconvexdecomposition.
There does not need to be any license files added as the 3p-hacd lib is BSD
and that is in the README/HACD.txt file. Removal of the autobuild
wrapper(autobuild.xml and is also not allowed as these files
are needed for building on any development system that dose code work that
is submitted to LL. 

I apologize if I sound like I'm being an unpleasant person but this work
will hopefully become code hosted on the LL servers for use by all Open
Source and TPV developers basing viewers on viewer2 code. This means that if
it does become hosted by LL the libs would be also built by LL on their
build farms and those are configured to use the autobuild system.

For information on the autobuild system and how it works please see here:

Right now the windows build of llconvexdecomposition is broken and once it
is fixed then progress on building and filling in the empty functions can
proceed .

I would love to test this out and see how functional it is. Please use the
above listed repositories to fork off of and make the needed changes and
keep in mind how this is having to be done and where it will hopefully end

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> Good morning everyone,
> after getting GLOD in shape I continued playing with HACD and using it
> for mesh uploading.
> The current status looks promising so far. I had been able to upload a few
> meshes using it.
> For anyone interested the code for the lib can be found here:
> I only used it under Linux so far. So when it comes to compiling Windows
> are a bit on their own right now.
> For Linux you can use the following few steps after cloning and being
> in the convexdecompositionhacd directory.
> - mkdir build && cd build
> - cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/tmp/install
> - make
> - make install
> Now you will end up with two libs in /tmp/install/lib (and
> llconvexdecomposition.h
> in /tmp/install/include).
> Copy those libs where the linker can find them.
> Now you want two other changesets applied to your viewer souces:
> 1)
> This one will just pull the correct libs into your linker settings,
> 2)
> That's a tricky one, because I am yet not sure if it is the correct
> way to solve things.
> The idea behind it is the viewer detecting if it is linked against
> HACD, if yes then
> it will always passed Meshes with triangles into it.
> HACD always wants to have triangles and vertices before it even considers
> computing anything. This little workaround seems to work well, but I am
> sure
> if it is always safe to do it this way.
> Cheers,
>    Nicky
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