[opensource-dev] Ohai!

C.J. Adams-Collier cjac at colliertech.org
Fri Feb 5 10:35:26 PST 2010

I don't recall signing up for this list, but I'm happy to be here.  If
nobody else takes credit, I'll blame robla.

I haven't done anything with SL in a while... busy with school and work.

Speaking of school, I'm attending classes with a focus on computational
linguistics.  There has been some discussion among the members of the
department regarding the use of language processing in massively
multiplayer games, and even some discussion about writing some libs in
C#.  Since I'm a Mono dev, I'll be sure that all of the stuff works on
that platform.

But for now, I've got to run to the U and get to studying Lushootseed.



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