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Fri Feb 5 05:04:03 PST 2010

are currently - at least code-wise - able to arbitrarily "stack" wearables
in a user-defined order.

So if you currently have a pair of pants on the pants layer and a pair of
tights where one part is on the pants layer as well then you can choose to
wear the tights "pants" *underneath* the pants "pants".

I went a *little* bit crazy once I realized it was simple to nudge the
official beta into letting you wear multiple items per wearable type and
wore three tattoos on the underpants layer and then had fun stacking three
different colours of tights on the underpants layer on top of them to see
how the colours would blend to create different shades and it worked out
just fine :).

Personally what I would like best would be:
  Wear                           (= "Wearable Wear", replaces all items on
the type)
  Wear Add / (wear top)          (= "Wearable Add" on the top of the stack)
             Name of worn item 1 (= "Wearable Replace" on item 1)
             (wear between)      (= "Wearable Add" in between two others)
             Name of worn item 2
             (wear bottom)       (= "Wearable Add" on the bottom of the

If it's the underpants layer then item 2 could be a tattoo (worn underneath
anything else) and item 1 could be panties. If you want to add tights you'd
pick the empty slot at the top and they'll render on top of the other two,
if you want to add garters you'd pick the empty slot in the middle and
they'll render in between the other two. If you want to wear a different
tattoo, panties, ... then you just pick the option that corresponds to what
you want to have replaced.

There will probably be a need for a more fancy ("user-friendly") panel with
up and down click button arrows to allow rearranging the items around but
for just getting dressed I'd far prefer having the option of how to stack
right on the context menu for the inventory item so getting dressed doesn't
involve constant back-and-forth side-trips in the side bar.


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