[opensource-dev] What's with the rename?

Kakurady Drakenar kakurady at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 11:09:38 PST 2010

I don't like the name "opensource-dev". The old name, SLDev, fits just well
- it was about people getting together developing Second Life-related stuff.
Now what are we developing? "Open Source"? That's a slogan, it does not
manifest as anything, like an actual virtual world. Not to mention that,
since there are so many Free Software and Open Source projects in the world,
naming the list "opensource-dev" will only serve to confuse people.

Some may say it's no longer fitting as the community developers' focus have
shifted from the mainline Second Life client to Snowglobe, but it's still a
Second Life client, so SLDev is still a good candidate for the name of the
mailing list. If you guys really don't like it, I propose this list be named
"sl-client-dev", or "hippo-hackers".

Kakurady (Geneko Nemeth)
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