[opensource-dev] What's with the rename?

Kakurady Drakenar kakurady at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 11:13:51 PST 2010

P.S. Actually "viewer-dev" might be even better.

Kakurady (Geneko Nemeth)

2010/2/5 Kakurady Drakenar <kakurady at gmail.com>

> I don't like the name "opensource-dev". The old name, SLDev, fits just well
> - it was about people getting together developing Second Life-related stuff.
> Now what are we developing? "Open Source"? That's a slogan, it does not
> manifest as anything, like an actual virtual world. Not to mention that,
> since there are so many Free Software and Open Source projects in the world,
> naming the list "opensource-dev" will only serve to confuse people.
> Some may say it's no longer fitting as the community developers' focus have
> shifted from the mainline Second Life client to Snowglobe, but it's still a
> Second Life client, so SLDev is still a good candidate for the name of the
> mailing list. If you guys really don't like it, I propose this list be named
> "sl-client-dev", or "hippo-hackers".
> Kakurady (Geneko Nemeth)
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