[opensource-dev] Progress with squeak to SL media plugin (hooray)

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Thu Feb 11 14:35:44 PST 2010

So, now I can render OpenGL using squeak smalltalk,and do a glCopyPixels 
to a shared memory buffer ala the SL media plugin's.

Benchmark 1000 1000x1000x4 byte glcopypixels in ~6 seconds, or roughly 
160 FPS

So a peer to peer plugin for a smalltalk (or other graphics) app could 
send data from plugin to plugin and get full native OS speed without the 
overhead of VNC.

Realtime whiteboards with no delay. Stream the graphics to the audience 
via a normal html on a prim QT movie, and you have the best of both 
worlds: realtime collab between avatars, and unlimited numbers in the 

With different aspects of SL exposed to such a plugin, you could have 
collaborative puppeteering and such, as well.

Next up: drawing from Squeak to SL plugin tester. Then p2p between 2 
people using the SL plugin tester. Etc.


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