[opensource-dev] step by step guide to compiling snowglobe

james ross dragnier1428 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 17 11:08:29 PST 2010

I am not sure if i tried the path listed there specifically. I have tried many different paths. I hope this one works. A shortcut or something that is easy is not really required but would definately be nice. I would be extremely thrilled if anything would work :-).




> Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 10:30:41 -0500
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> Subject: Re: [opensource-dev] step by step guide to compiling snowglobe
> Seems like you're looking for a shortcut. The main Snowglobe page says
> > The Get source and compile page gives general information about how to compile the source. For a quick step-by-step instruction for building on Linux, see Compiling and Patching Snowglobe (Linux). 
> Did you look at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Get_source_and_compile
> james ross wrote:
> > Well I am at least glad to see others have the same issue. A new viewer 
> > coming out isnt going to change the fact that there is not one 
> > step-by-step tutorial out there. Without the community here making it 
> > easier for people to get involved any viewer will be under utilized (if 
> > at all). Heh and also, I've never met a programmer that didnt look for 
> > an example before trying to code it themselves :-).
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