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I find it difficult to answer questions when much of the information is left out of the question. So in order to help the nice people here help me I am going to document the process. I am going to try again using .NET 2005 specified here with no upgrades if at all possible. I will post my result tomorrow.

This was my attempt at using .NET 2008.

All information can be found at the following website:


He suggests you start with part 2 on installing the boost
libraries but if you are running on a machine that doesn’t have all the extra
stuff like cmake working properly, it will fail. I made it to the run the
develop.py file. I opened and ran it using Python IDLE and saw an error with
cmake. So I deciding starting with step 2 and then going to step one was not
the path for me and went back to step 1.

I am going to write my own steps to try to make the
direction easier where possible


2) double check and make sure you have .NET 2008

3) Go download the 
Derect x development kit


Newest so far as of Feb 2010


4) download windows SDK


you will probably have to burn this file to a cd and then
run the cd

5) download quicktime API for windows


6) download cmake. Make sure you tell it to add the system
path or you will have to do it manually


link to cmake downloads page


I am trying to use version 2.8

7)download fmod


from (http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Jodiah_Jensen#UPDATING_BOOST_LIBRARIES_TO_WORK_WITH_VS2008) 


STEP 1 - Downloading the source code 







NOTE: These are the source files *I* used, there may be newer source files
available by the time you read this. This page applies specifically to this
version of the source (viewer version ..._1-21-r99587 


STEP 2 - Installing the source, libs, and Artwork

ALL THREE ZIP FILES TO SAME PATH (no spaces in the path name) ie

will result in a single folder inside D:\SL_SRC\ called "linden"

insert directory tree here 


STEP 3 - Setting up your development directory tree
using develop.py

develop.py SCRIPT 

run a command prompt in the
     "D:\SL_SRC\linden\indra" path 

run the script using "develop.py -G
     VC90" (this is for VS C++ 2008) 

(the attachment is picture of my command line window just for extra info)

Figure: A snapshot of
using the cmd line to run develop.py



9) STEP 4 - Setting up FMOD 

place FMOD
files in proper places

     "fmodapi375win\api\inc\fmod.h" to

     "fmodapi375win\api\inc\fmod_errors.h" to

Copy "fmodapi375win\api\lib\fmodvc.lib"
     to "linden\libraries\i686-win32\lib\release" and to

     "fmodapi375win\api\fmod.dll" to "linden\indra\newview"


STEP 5 - Setting up Visual Studio and compiling the
source code

D:\SL_SRC\linden\indra\build-VC90\secondlife.sln in VC++ 

set 'secondlife-bin' (in Solution Explorer) as
     Startup Project 

set the working directory to
     'D:\SL_SRC\linden\indra\newview' (select secondlife-bin and use Project
     > Properties > Configuration Properties > Debugging) 

click the green arrow (start debugging) 


3) run boost 1.34.1 installer in the files downloaded for Snowglobe

Chose the first mirror site, that seems to work the best. 

Choose all options. It may give you file not found a couple
times till it finds a mirror site that works. Expect a 1gb file.

If at the end of the install it fails, choose a different mirror

If your feeling lucky you could try the new version of the
boost installer…


--***--I was feeling lucky and
tried with version 1.42.1

If your feeling EVEN more lucky you could try to download
and install the libraries yourself


--***---I wasn’t that brave!


NOTE: the Boost Wiki says to use
the Visual Studio command prompt instead of the regular command prompt for the
following steps: 

cd to
     "boost_1_42_1\tools\jam\" Run
     "boost_1_42_1\tools\jam\build_dist.bat". Copy
     "boost_1_42_1\tools\jam\src\bin.ntx86\bjam.exe" to
     "boost_1_34_1\". [NOTE: found in stage directory, not src, in
     Boost 1.35.0 and later] For
      Boost 1.39, bjam is placed at
      "...\boost_1_39_0\tools\jam\stage\boost-jam-3.1.17-1-ntx86" (thanks
      to Geneko Nemeth for this ) Using
     the command prompt, build the static libraries: cd
      boost_1_42_1 set
      PYTHON_ROOT=C:\Python26 the
       path to your Python root may be different. set
      PYTHON_VERSION=2.6 you
       may be using a different version of Python. Run
      the command: 

--toolset=msvc-9.0 --with-python --with-program_options --with-regex
--with-signals --build-type=complete link=static stage 


STEP 3 - Placing new libs where they belong 

Copy the "\boost_1_42_1\boost" folder to
     "\linden\libraries\include\". (these are the header files for
     the boost libraries) 

copy the following files from "boost_1_42_1\stage\lib\"
     to "\linden\libraries\i686-win32\lib\release\" libboost_program_options-vc90-mt-s-1_42_1.lib libboost_python-vc90-mt-s-1_42_1.lib libboost_regex-vc90-mt-s-1_42_1.lib libboost_signals-vc90-mt-s-1_42_1.lib 

copy the following files from "boost_1_42_1\stage\lib\"
     to "\linden\libraries\i686-win32\lib\debug\" libboost_program_options-vc90-mt-sgd-1_42_1.lib libboost_python-vc90-mt-sgd-1_42_1.lib libboost_regex-vc90-mt-sgd-1_42_1.lib libboost_signals-vc90-mt-sgd-1_42_1.lib 



got 200+ errors for not being able to find library files




> Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 10:30:41 -0500
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> Subject: Re: [opensource-dev] step by step guide to compiling snowglobe
> Seems like you're looking for a shortcut.  The main Snowglobe page says
> > The Get source and compile page gives general information about how to compile the source. For a quick step-by-step instruction for building on Linux, see Compiling and Patching Snowglobe (Linux). 
> Did you look at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Get_source_and_compile
> james ross wrote:
> > Well I am at least glad to see others have the same issue. A new viewer 
> > coming out isnt going to change the fact that there is not one 
> > step-by-step tutorial out there. Without the community here making it 
> > easier for people to get involved any viewer will be under utilized (if 
> > at all). Heh and also, I've never met a programmer that didnt look for 
> > an example before trying to code it themselves :-).
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