[opensource-dev] Client-side scripting in Snowglobe

Frisby, Adam adam at deepthink.com.au
Thu Feb 18 06:40:24 PST 2010

Actually, Windows server isn't that expensive. Look up the SPLA pricing on things, reduces the cost down to about $10/mo, which isn't bad at all compared to the other fees you pay for hosting. ;)


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> > From what I understand, Mono ended up implementing a lot of that for
> Silverlight; although I do not know how the security holds up compared
> to the official .NET runtime; but AppDomains + CAS is a pretty rock
> solid sandbox on Windows.
> Last I heard, Babbage was trying to recruit volunteer labor to build a
> bytecode verifier so the server-side could be safely scripted in C#.
> I think we all can agree that a Windows-only viewer is unacceptable.
> And that's a fundamental weakness of embracing MSFT tech. Imagine if
> LL had to run the grid on licensed Windows servers to get acceptable
> performance...not that they're getting it now, and the Mono LSL
> implementation is a big part of that problem.

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