[opensource-dev] Client-side scripting in Snowglobe

Argent Stonecutter secret.argent at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 19:07:45 PST 2010

On 2010-02-19, at 12:53, Robin Cornelius wrote:
> Well Morgaine's socket based idea could over come this very easily. If
> the API was exposed via a socket, LL could provide a plugin loader
> much as they do for the MediaAPI now, if they want, this pluginloader
> could be CLR based and the default LL implementation of plugins could
> be mono assemblies. So the plugin loader could be directly used by any
> language that can produce CLR binaries.

I suggested a socket based extension mechanism some years ago and was  
knocked down because you couldn't do things that required high  
performance access to textures, shaders, and so on. If that overhead  
is acceptable, then the socket mechanism would be completely language- 
agnostic, and it might even act as a legal firewall between the GPLed  
client and extensions.

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