[opensource-dev] Second Life Package Repo

lists.secondlife.com at trap.wereanimal.net lists.secondlife.com at trap.wereanimal.net
Sun Feb 21 21:48:09 PST 2010

I've been maintaining a gentoo overlay. Just got done doing some updates to it 
now. While there is a secondlife client in portage, it lacks voice support on 
64-bit systems, spacenav joystick support, etc. I managed to re-verce engineer 
LL build process on my own and develop a much better ebuild. While its is more 
complex, its has full voice/spacenav support and is actually more flexible 
then the one supplied by portage.

Because I've been doing this, I submitted several patches to fix the builds of 
problems that I have encountered.

--Techwolf Lupindo

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