[opensource-dev] Consensus? was: Client-side scripting in Snowglobe

Kajikawa Jeremy belxjander at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 02:53:22 PST 2010

Client-Side-Scripting Examples,

  Javascript / LindenScript / VBscript / Python,

  The source and result program are one and the same,

Client-Side Extensions,

  Dynamic Link Libraries / Adobe Flash Player / Java / Mono

  The distributed program is NOT the original source

  Using the former expands on needing security,

  Using the latter devolves the client and seperates parts into own
    program modules.

An Example of using Both is the Firefox Browser / Thunderbird Email
  and similar tools...

Can something similar to that be done?

  Use plugins for secure extension of the client from sandboxed scripts?
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