[opensource-dev] Flames about CDS (was: Re: Third party viewer policy)

Thomas Shikami thomas.shikami at online.de
Tue Feb 23 19:07:35 PST 2010

malachi schrieb:
> sorry thomas but the idea that a person can be detected by skills system 
> while running LL's client on a name that is new today and never been 
> logged in on any other client... shows that the information used to 
> detect if a person has 'ever' used a bad client is coming from the 
> persons computer. and the fact that one of the admins over skills system 
> tells you that in order to run a bad client and not be detected by the 
> system is to install vmware and run the client there tells me that the 
> system is in fact gather information from your computer. the fact that 
> the system in not installed on my computer leads me to believe its 
> HACKING. you can protect your friends all you want thomas but Linden Lab 
> needs to address that fact that this system is a HUGE violation of the 
> terms of service and various local state and governmental laws.
Hardware based packet loggers don't lie about that. (Those that you plug 
between computer and internet)
What I see is that you are crying about her system and that you want it 
removed. Spreading unverifiable rumors about how her system works in 
your eyes. Because she put your client on the banlist because your 
client supports griefing or copybotting? Come on, mature. Just don't 
spread false informations that can easily be prooven being wrong. The 
system is detecting indeed if you used a griefer client, it does this 
pretty well. (it takes a while until the fingerprinting is changed to 
the currently used viewer and not guaranteed to be completely reverted, 
so relogging from a banned to a legit viewer and teleporting to a CDS 
enabled area will likely detect that you used that banned viewer on your 
last login. This effect can even last for multiple logins. So better not 
use a banned viewer ever.)
Do us a favour and take it up with LL and Skills. This mailing list is 
not for spreading of misinformation and slander.

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