[opensource-dev] So what happens if....

Imaze Rhiano imaze.rhiano at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 21:08:06 PST 2010

First I want to thank LL from efforts to create ethical guidelines for 
respectable viewers. Unfortunately I don't think that these rules are 
going to work in reality where we are living.(And as others have already 
pointed out - there might be incompatible with GPL and other licenses.)

Let's imagine one moment that instead of being ebil bitch I would be 
respectable software developer and create my own viewer that fully 
confirms policy. I would register my viewer to your viewer directory. 
Now - one of following scenarios would happen - what I should do - and 
what would be LL's reaction:

1) My viewer is open sourced. Some evil person(s) take source code and 
add functionality that breaks policy. They don't bother to change 
viewer's id or other identification data.

2) My viewer have plugin framework that allows 3rd party developers to 
create their own plugins. One evil person then writes plugin that is 
breaking rules of viewer policy.

3) Evil persons will develop proxy or software hook that will steal data 
directly from data stream between client and LL servers - or - 
communications between viewer's host module and DLLs. Proxy / hook is 
completely transparent - neither client or server can detect it.

4) I will develop closed source viewer and evil persons will develop 
their own evil viewer. Then they decide to fake my viewer's 
identification data so that server thinks that their evil viewer is my 

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