[opensource-dev] So what happens if....

Rob Nelson nexisentertainment at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 21:37:37 PST 2010

>From my reading, you get banned in all four cases, since you
automatically take responsibility for the users' activities (Section 7

On Wed, 2010-02-24 at 07:08 +0200, Imaze Rhiano wrote:
> First I want to thank LL from efforts to create ethical guidelines for 
> respectable viewers. Unfortunately I don't think that these rules are 
> going to work in reality where we are living.(And as others have already 
> pointed out - there might be incompatible with GPL and other licenses.)
> Let's imagine one moment that instead of being ebil bitch I would be 
> respectable software developer and create my own viewer that fully 
> confirms policy. I would register my viewer to your viewer directory. 
> Now - one of following scenarios would happen - what I should do - and 
> what would be LL's reaction:
> 1) My viewer is open sourced. Some evil person(s) take source code and 
> add functionality that breaks policy. They don't bother to change 
> viewer's id or other identification data.
> 2) My viewer have plugin framework that allows 3rd party developers to 
> create their own plugins. One evil person then writes plugin that is 
> breaking rules of viewer policy.
> 3) Evil persons will develop proxy or software hook that will steal data 
> directly from data stream between client and LL servers - or - 
> communications between viewer's host module and DLLs. Proxy / hook is 
> completely transparent - neither client or server can detect it.
> 4) I will develop closed source viewer and evil persons will develop 
> their own evil viewer. Then they decide to fake my viewer's 
> identification data so that server thinks that their evil viewer is my 
> viewer.
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