[opensource-dev] DRM vs TOS Was: Third party viewer policy

Dzonatas Sol dzonatas at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 06:46:03 PST 2010

Lawson English wrote:
> For a real life use case, the realxtend developers are currently 
> debating whether or not it is worth their while to continue to add more 
> support to SL rather than just go with OpenSim-only.

If any viewer is under GPL terms, rather it is derived or not, it 
probably won't comply with the TOS if the TOS mandates DRM.

Software that runs on hardware that enforces DRM is not different than 
software that connects to a service that enforces DRM.

Obviously, basic login credentials aren't being seen as DRM, yet MAC 
address, channels, and other means to enforce control of the client 
software, especially through TOS policy, is DRM.

All those discussion's we've had on this list about "signed-off" scripts 
and programs, even encrypted, have had their rug pulled. Even 
Microsoft's one-click programs are affected.

I wouldn't say LL backpedaled on the GPL, yet I will say the DRM 
movement is highly questionable. I can understand why realxtend would 
want to not continue support for SL with such cloud of questions. This 
would have been prevented if...  you know, there is a big elephant in 
the room.

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