[opensource-dev] Third party viewer policy

Jason Giglio gigstaggart at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 16:27:52 PST 2010

Dale Glass wrote:
> В сообщении от Четверг 25 февраля 2010 01:30:52 автор Morgaine написал:
>> Soft,
>> Please add to your list of issues to pass to Legal, a highlighted copy of
>> Clause 6 in the GPLv2
> [snip]
> Seconded.
> Additionally, please ensure compatibility with Creative Commons licenses, 
> especially CC-SA.
> Also, I am annoyed at the limitations regarding export, imposed for content 
> where I do not want them. I would like some way in the viewer (license field 
> perhaps) to explicitly ALLOW exporting the content.

It was pointed out on other forums, this new export restriction breaks a
ton of use cases other than CC-SA:

1. Megaprims are all created by gene replacement, so you can't export them
2. Invisiprims, same deal
3. Can't collaborate with someone on a project and then export it to
other grids, since it will fail the creator check
4. Can't build on an alt and then export it on your main... less of an
issue since you can export on the alt but still very annoying.  Also
can't use textures uploaded on alt when building on main, and vice versa.

That is in addition to the concern I raised that it will effectively
make Second Life incompatible with CC-SA-By content or at least make it
very difficult to comply with.

The policy should just remove all mention of a creator check and have
some kind of general term that exporting should not be used in a way
that constitutes copyright infringement.


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