[opensource-dev] TPV Policy makes Secondlife *content* incompatible with CC-SA licenses

Tigro Spottystripes tigrospottystripes at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 20:38:04 PST 2010

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hm, but then in Agni,  isn't LL the one that is really distributing data
to people that are not LL, which is among the rights IP owners give LL
when they first upload their IP into their servers with the client?
Basicly, people are just "hotlinking" to stuff that LL has been given
the right to offer to anyone they want, no?

On 25/2/2010 01:28, Jason Giglio wrote:
> Tigro Spottystripes wrote:
>> if it's just about copying and modification, but not use, then how come
>> we can't use, say a texture, without explicit permission from the
>> creator under the risk of being prosecuted for copyright infringement?
> With textures and prims in SL, "use" is inherently also distribution.
> When a viewer comes within range, textures and prims are distributed
> automatically to that viewer.
> In US law Title 17 chapter 1 section 106 gives 6 enumerated exclusive
> rights. In short, they are reproduction, modification, distribution,
> public performance, public display, and digital audio transmission.
> In the digital realm these generally boil down to "copying/distribution
> and modification".
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