[opensource-dev] "Second-Party" viewer policy (was: Third party viewer policy)

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Fri Feb 26 06:04:30 PST 2010

David Simmons wrote:
> The common sense rules apply. If you are not connecting to the LL
> grid, Linden Lab can't make any policy regarding what you do. They
> don't need a policy saying that they can't make a policy telling you
> what to do on another grid.
> They are just trying to put into policy what LL has expressed in one
> way or other over the years. Remember policy are not written for those
> that are honest, but for those that are dishonest and having a way to
> enforce it. For example; in my workplace we have an 1/2 hour lunch. I
> have yet to see a supervisor watch the clock on anyone, but if someone
> decides to take off for 2 hours and call it lunch, they will be in
> trouble.
You have nice supervisors who don't hold a grudge against anyone, or 
whose superiors don't hold a grudge against anyone.


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