[opensource-dev] FAQ posted for Third Party Viewer Policy

Gareth Nelson gareth at garethnelson.com
Sat Feb 27 05:10:10 PST 2010

A few queries I have:

Sometimes I code random small scripts to do quick inworld tasks - do I
have to have 100% compliance for these scripts?
I have a bot which comes in 2 parts - SL interface and AI engine, the
SL interface being a simple protocol handler - how does the policy
affect my AI engine if at all? If only the SL interface need be
compliant, isn't this a major loophole in that the AI engine could use
it to perform various malicious deeds?
If I code a viewer which is designed for use with other grids, does
not comply with the policy and is not intended for use on SL, but one
of my users connects to SL with it anyway , how does that reflect on

In general, I have to agree with those who say that this will only
burden legit developers - griefers will just ignore the policy and
spoof the official viewer

On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 11:27 AM, Marine Kelley <marinekelley at gmail.com> wrote:
> I don't know much about it, but what about the data that most of us already
> entered when signing up to SL ? LL should have these data stored somewhere,
> why do we have to enter them all again ? If the data to be entered to sign
> in to the viewer directory is not linked to it, what gives LL the certainty
> that they are accurate, where are they stored, and what is the privacy
> policy ? The TPV says "may be published", but there is no way to be sure...
> And moreso, the FAQ says that listing in the directory might become
> mandatory. With such vague terms it is impossible to comply to these
> requirements, which are way too intrusive for a hobbyist.
> Sorry about this, it seems that publishing a Frequently Asked Questions page
> brings even more questions ! It is always like this. lol.
> On 27 February 2010 10:32, Henri Beauchamp <sldev at free.fr> wrote:
>> On Fri, 26 Feb 2010 21:14:52 -0600, Soft Linden wrote:
>> > There's now a FAQ for the Linden Lab Policy on Third Party Viewers:
>> > http://bit.ly/caedse
>> Very good job, Soft, thank you ! :-)
>> However, there are a couple of points that I think should be addressed
>> or precised in this FAQ:
>> 1. The trademarking rules as presented in the TPV are in contradiction
>>   with Linden Lab's own trademark policy. In particular:
>>      5.b.i You must not have a Third-Party Viewer name that is
>>                       “________ Life” where “________” is a term or series
>> of terms.
>>   Is in contracdiction with:
>>   http://secondlife.com/corporate/brand/trademark/unauthorized.php
>>   in which we see that "[anything] Life" is not forbidden as long
>>   as [anything] does not contain "Second".
>>   I would call such a trademarking a "domain trademarking" (like
>>   a domain name for an Internet site address"), but I doubt very much
>>   such a rule would be legal, even in USA...
>> 2. in the FAQ, to the question "I do not want a publicly available
>>   listing in the Viewer Directory to disclose my own name or contact
>>   information.  Is it possible for the public listing page to show
>>   just the brand name of my third-party viewer?", the answer states
>>   that name and contact info must be provided to Linden Lab, however
>>   the type of "contact information" is not precised. An email from
>>   an ISP account (not an anonymous Yahoo/Hotmail/Google/whatnot
>>   account, of course) *is* a contact information that is sufficient
>>   to legally identify the developper in case of any action against
>>   them. But right now, the full snail mail address is required,
>>   which is in violation with some international laws protecting user
>>   privacy (notably the French law "Informatique et Liberté").
>> I hope to see these two points addressed.
>> Many thanks in advance !
>> Henri.
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