[opensource-dev] FAQ posted for Third Party Viewer Policy

Carlo Wood carlo at alinoe.com
Sat Feb 27 07:58:30 PST 2010

On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 01:10:10PM +0000, Gareth Nelson wrote:
> In general, I have to agree with those who say that this will only
> burden legit developers - griefers will just ignore the policy and
> spoof the official viewer


Especially the clear intend of Linden Lab to make being listed
in the Third Party Directory mandatory, but also the fact that
once you are listed you are vulnerable to being spoofed by all
the REALLY bad guys out there, makes me believe that it is in
anyone's interest to not be listed in the TPV directory and
cross your fingers that nobody will so that it stays empty.

In that case the ball is in LL's garden again with a lot
less chance they will start banning your viewer because it's
not listed.

I don't believe that this whole TPV policy thing is doing
ANYTHING except make the lives of honest developers harder.
I am sure that everyone on this list that is trying to honestly
create a nice viewer and make things Better will agree with
me that so far all of this has only brought them frustration
and they wished this never happened.

At the same time, the Bad Guys will not care at ALL. They
were ALREADY doing things that are reason for a ban. Not
complying to the TPV policy doesn't increase their risk a
bit, and they will just ignore it.

After all, the only result of not following TPV policy is
a termination of SL accounts. Imho, it is not possible that
the existance of this TPV policy suddenly opens up the possibility
to bring those Bad developers before court; it's impossible
to make them responsible for what users do with their code.

I'm not a lawyer, clearly, but something that comes to
mind is the fact that copying movies is highly illegal,
yet nobody even tried to sue the developers of azureus/vuze.

Carlo Wood <carlo at alinoe.com>

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