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(Sending for like the 4th time I hope this one gets through and sorry if
I've spammed)

Regarding Morgaine's comments about FAQ 15 - I fully agree that this must be
the case:

On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 1:47 AM, Morgaine <morgaine.dinova at googlemail.com>

> And finally, FAQ.15 (in the context of licenses permitting free
> distribution):
>    - Q15: Do the limitations of section 2.b on content export apply to
>    content that is full permissions?
>    - A15: Yes, they do.  Residents retain intellectual property rights in
>    the content they create in Second Life and it is important for you to
>    respect those rights.  By setting content to "full permissions" using the
>    Second Life permissions system, a content creator merely indicates that the
>    content may be copied, modified, and transferred *within* Second Life.
>     Setting content to "full permissions" does not provide any permission to
>    use the content outside of Second Life.
> This is fine (surprise, surprise :P), but incomplete.  It doesn't address
> the quite common scenario of full-perm content created by Open Source or
> Creative Commons developers *using 100% personal textures*, and
> accompanied by a GPL, BSD, CC or other open source license which declares
> that the content may be freely copied, modified, and transferred *anywhere
> *, not only within Second Life.
> As is written in the answer A15, "Residents retain intellectual property
> rights in the content they create in Second Life and *it is important for
> you to respect those rights*."  Respecting their rights in this case
> requires you to to allow that content to be exported as its creator
> desires.  Therefore you either need to extend A15 with this additional case,
> or add another FAQ Q+A (preferably immediately after #15) to address it.

The free content I create for education is intended to be fully free, fully
permissioned, and fully exportable to other grids.  Beyond the Second Life
permissions, I keep hoping for checkboxes on the Edit menu with common
licenses or a space to put a link to the user's specified license that is
kept with the object info just like creator name.

In any case, when I include Creative Commons licensing with my educational
tools, and explicitly say users have my permission to explore the content to
other grids, then I expect that to be respected by Linden Lab as well!


- Chris/Fleep

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