[opensource-dev] FAQ posted for Third Party Viewer Policy

Mike Monkowski monkowsk at fishkill.ibm.com
Sun Feb 28 15:58:17 PST 2010

So you've created this Third Party Viewer Directory in order to 
*promote* third part viewers?  *That's* your "why"?  Well, you needn't 
have bothered.  You did much more to promote third party viewers by 
releasing Viewer 2.0.


Soft Linden wrote:
> I feel I should add too - this isn't all stick, as my below
> speculation about legal's intent might have suggested. Remember that
> we're creating the Viewer Directory to promote other viewer projects,
> so complying with the TPV terms offers up a pretty good carrot.
> However, I think legal also knows we'd be making trouble for ourselves
> if we gave even the whiff of an endorsement to a tool that hurt our
> resis or the Lab. So, legal needed to offer some objective rules
> before we could promote any projects.
> I hope this is helping. I worried that one of the most frustrating
> parts of the TPV might be that it was landing with a big "what"
> without enough "why" behind it. Most people react pretty badly to
> anything that looks like control for control's own sake.

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