[opensource-dev] FAQ posted for Third Party Viewer Policy

Joe Linden joe at lindenlab.com
Sun Feb 28 16:27:06 PST 2010

Yes, Mike, we created the Third Party Viewer Directory to promote a range of
viewers that allow Residents to experience Second Life and everything in it
in a wide variety of ways.  Since we'll be pointing to it often, it's a
great way for the largest possible audience of Residents to learn about
viewer alternatives that have been submitted by developers willing to
certify that the viewer complies with the policy for all 3rd party viewers
that connect to SL.

And we haven't release Viewer 2.0 yet.  It's in open beta now to take
constructive feedback from (new and longtime) Residents.  If it also
stimulates great alternative viewers that comply with the policy, then we've
accomplished several of our goals.

-- joe

On Sun, Feb 28, 2010 at 3:58 PM, Mike Monkowski
<monkowsk at fishkill.ibm.com>wrote:

> So you've created this Third Party Viewer Directory in order to
> *promote* third part viewers?  *That's* your "why"?  Well, you needn't
> have bothered.  You did much more to promote third party viewers by
> releasing Viewer 2.0.
> Mike
> Soft Linden wrote:
> > I feel I should add too - this isn't all stick, as my below
> > speculation about legal's intent might have suggested. Remember that
> > we're creating the Viewer Directory to promote other viewer projects,
> > so complying with the TPV terms offers up a pretty good carrot.
> > However, I think legal also knows we'd be making trouble for ourselves
> > if we gave even the whiff of an endorsement to a tool that hurt our
> > resis or the Lab. So, legal needed to offer some objective rules
> > before we could promote any projects.
> >
> > I hope this is helping. I worried that one of the most frustrating
> > parts of the TPV might be that it was landing with a big "what"
> > without enough "why" behind it. Most people react pretty badly to
> > anything that looks like control for control's own sake.
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