[opensource-dev] FAQ posted for Third Party Viewer Policy

Ann Otoole missannotoole at yahoo.com
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The 5.6 is obviously LL shifting liability for "bad viewer" users to the person that wrote it. Can't blame them for that.

Only problem is the "bad viewer" writers never cared and will keep right on doing what they do and the counterfeiters and shoplifters will keep right on doing what they do using throw away accounts unimpeded.

So the net effect of this is nill except future lawsuits will have to be filed against the people that wrote the "bad viewers". Naturally I would love to see the "bad viewer" writers identities exposed as part of public record in legal proceedings. But I don't see it happening anytime soon.

The ripping off will continue. useful backup features will be removed from good viewers.

Since Joe Linden is reading and participating I must ask if LL will be correcting their viewers' non compliance by implementing creator only controls on full permissions texture save to disk or just removing the feature since the creator already has the texture on disk? Because if LL leaves it in then that constitutes export of full permissions textures regardless of creator which means full permissions exports should be allowed. Given Linden Lab is in an odd position to be making licenses for the artists like that I am curious. Which will it be? Is LL going to get into compliance with their own TOS or change the TOS? Oh and what about snapshots and machinima since there might be licensing issues if content not created by the filmer/photographer is in view?

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Re: [opensource-dev] FAQ posted for Third Party Viewer Policy Morgaine, I think your statement is a misunderstanding on your part. It’s not “just promotion”.

You don’t have a choice but to be be listed AND comply if you want to legitimately connect to the grid with your viewer. As originally intended by LL. They are not exclusive as currently implemented and described, unless they change that: “agree to our Policy on Third-Party Viewers and the Second Life Terms of Service. If you do not agree, you are ineligible for the Viewer Directory, and you do not have permission to access Second Life using a third-party viewer.“

i.e. You either comply AND feature in the "viewer registry". OR ignore it, as you said and you’d be in breach of the TOS as such: “5.6 You will indemnify Linden lab from claims arising from breach of this Agreement by you, from your use of Second Life, from loss of Content due to your actions, or from alleged infringement by you”.

And I don’t think opting out of the "viewer registry" should or ever will be an option.

On 2/28/10 4:44 PM, "Morgaine" <morgaine.dinova at googlemail.com> wrote:

Joe, thanks for clarifying that what you are doing with the Directory is "promotion" of Third Party Viewers.  Since it's just promotion, TPV developers are free to ignore it when they excel on features and don't need promotion, and of course you will never make promotion mandatory.

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