[opensource-dev] FAQ posted for Third Party Viewer Policy

Tigro Spottystripes tigrospottystripes at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 19:15:26 PST 2010

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Last i've heard, if you know what you're doing, it's quite easy to mask
your viewer as being another viewer; any detection system would only be
able to catch viewers made by unskilled people (and viewers that
intentionally tell the truth).

On 28/2/2010 23:38, Bryon Ruxton wrote:
> Sorry Morgaine, I stand corrected by having read the FAQs afterwards.
> I thought registration was required to connect to the grid...
> Joe,
> I agree with others that it?s not enough to guard against intellectual
> property infringement and protect residents.
> Is there a plan to allow inworld residents to detect
> unidentified/unregistered Viewer names or Identifiers as least? Without
> that, I don?t see how the current policy would actually fulfill goals of
> the policy and program from actual rogue viewers. It?s a good step but
> that leaves security loopholes without such enforcement abilities.
> An LSL function somewhere to identify viewers would help.
> Leave then to us the ability to make inworld tools to control who gets
> in or not.
> Bryon
> On 2/28/10 5:36 PM, "Joe Linden" <joe at lindenlab.com> wrote:
>     TPV developers may choose to list their viewers in the Directory for
>     the value of receiving a wider awareness than they may be able to
>     create themselves, or not.  That's entirely up to the developer. 
>     All viewers that connect to the SL grids will need to abide by the
>     TPV Policy regardless of their choice to list in the Directory.
>     And, since we're only talking about conditions that apply when a TPV
>     connects to Linden Lab's grid(s), we reserve the right to add,
>     subtract, or otherwise modify those conditions at any point in the
>     future.
>     -- joe
>     On Sun, Feb 28, 2010 at 4:44 PM, Morgaine
>     <_morgaine.dinova at googlemail.com_> wrote:
>         ... Since it's just promotion, TPV developers are free to ignore
>         it when they excel on features and don't need promotion, and of
>         course you will never make promotion mandatory.
>         Morgaine.
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